Plate Freezing

Plate Freezing


Utilising non-pressure technology we can block or plate freeze a variety of species and products ranging from ready meals to blocks of mackerel. What’s more we can fully automate the whole freezing process to incorporate automated packing & palletising from capacities from 20 tonnes to 100 tonnes per day.

As with most of our equipment we aim to improve quality and reduce energy consumption, our range of plate freezers have been shown to be 30-40% more energy efficient, saving companies thousands in energy bills per year and aiding in net zero targets.

NON-PRESSURE Technology means there is no direct contact with the product, this improves the quality by ensuring the product within the plate is not altered during the freezing stage.

EAST TO MAINTAIN with cleaning and defrosting only required once a week saving significant labour costs.

SMALL FOOTPRINT – the plate freezers are designed to optimise vertical space and save valuable square footage within a factory.

Our range of plate freezers are designed to your exact freezing specifications. Please contact us for more details.

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