On-Board Solutions

On-Board Solutions


Plast-Equip are able to offer turnkey on-board vessel solutions. Working with a range of partners we can help scope, design and optimise your vessel to ensure maximum ROI and improved quality produce.

We offer solutions around the following areas:

  • Sub-Chilling
  • Bleeding
  • Gutting
  • Chilling
  • Liquid Ice

All on-board solutions are turnkey.

DNG offers a full-range of systems for smaller vessels, large fresh fish vessels and freezer factory trawlers.

From gutting facilities to cargo conveyances and graders, DNG can outfit your vessel with state of the art processing systems to suit your every need.

Turnkey Solutions:


Suitable for bycatch, the buffer bin is with a chain-driven base plate and common around heading and gutting areas. Emptying and filling can be programmed and with a customized user interface.

Cargo Conveyor

Cargo conveyor is a good solution for the cargo space in fishing vessels.
The fish comes from the factory deck onto the conveyor attached to the ceiling in the cargoarea. The cargo conveyor is telescopic, so it can expand and has a rotational feature.

Fish Elevator

The fish elevator transports the fish product between decks with an absolute minimum of drop height. This solution is a good choice between the processing deck and the cargo: The product is transported in a closed compartmentalized soft conveyor belt at low speed down to a free-standing cabin. Instead of falling, the product is controllably transported and dropped onto a cargo belt from a height of 40 cm. The fish elevators have proven to decrease gaping in fish flesh during filleting and production.

It is convenient to use a fish elevator to transport the fish under controlled conditions down to the cargo conveyor.

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