On-Board Fish Processing

On-Board Fish Processing


On-board sub chilling methods have for a long time been used on Icelandic vessels to ensure maximum quality and long shelf life. Now on-board solutions such as bleeding and chilling tanks are starting to come to the forefront in the UK as vessel owners and skippers seek to maximise yield and return on investment.

The benefits of such an on-board solution are:

Controlled Flow

Temperature and bleeding times computer-controlled to ensure efficient flow.

Increase Shelf Life

Rapid chilling and precision temperature controls  deliver product with an extended shelf life.

Superior Bleeding

Patented side injection circulates water or fluid ice to evacuate blood efficiently.

Energy Saving

Efficiently controlled bleeding and chilling results in reduced energy usage for superior product.

Easy Integration

We have extensive experience in integrating the RoteX™ system into existing and planned processing lines.

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