IQF Tunnel Freezing

IQF Tunnel Freezing


The IQF Tunnel is built with flexibility in mind, it can be adapted to freeze, chill, glaze harden and pre cool a wide range of food products including seafood, meat, poultry, bakery, dairy products, fruit and vegetables.

Our inline IQF tunnels are a highly versatile IQF systems that combine the design of a Turbo fluidised bed tunnel with the airflow characteristics of a Helix spiral freezer.


Low maintenance
With a fully accessible stainless steel design

Design provides rapid freezing with extremely low power consumption

Rapid freezing
Dual direction air delivering the fastest freeze process available

Bespoke belt options
Conveyors can operate independently at various speeds or on a cascade principle

Air technology
Adjustable air speed for controlled processing of light and delicate products

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