Maritech appoints Plast-Equip as UK Partner

Plast-Equip are pleased to announce our new partnership with Norwegian company Maritech. Plast-Equip will be an official vendor for Maritech in the UK, promoting their seafood-specific software solutions and Maritech Eye™.

Plast-Equip are a leading supplier of plastic insulated containers and a range of equipment geared towards the Seafood sector. Managing Director, Gregg Witherington notes:

“Our goal has always been to offer our customers the best of class products the market has to offer for each element of the seafood supply chain, our partnership with Maritech allows us to bring a unique set of software, business intelligence and IOT services that allows us to help our customers create the factory of the future.”

One of the game changing solutions Maritech has to offer is the Maritech Eye™. Maritech Eye™ uses sophisticated algorithms and hyperspectral camera technology to automate quality analysis of salmon and white fish. Mr Witherington adds.

“Maritech Eye™ is one of the biggest innovations to hit the seafood industry for a long time and we have no doubt that this will revolutionise the way whitefish and salmon producers in the UK handle quality analysis.”

For more than 45 years, Maritech has been a market leader in the seafood software segment, focusing on process support across the entire seafood value chain. More than 70% of all the Norwegian seafood exports are handled through their software. Today, the fast-growing company is expanding globally, and has 125 employees in Norway, Iceland, and North America.

“We help our customers optimise production, packing, finance, logistics, and sales, with full traceability from sea to consumer, says Erik Outzen, EVP Business Solutions, Maritech. “Many seafood companies have a great potential for higher margins, which can be unleashed through use of innovative technology enabling you to control your processes, maximise efficiency and reduce costs. Our goal is that the partnership with Plast-Equip will lead to more digitalization in the UK seafood industry, and we are looking forward to our future cooperation.”

This post was written and brought you by Plast-Equip.

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